Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The food in Limerick

Date: 5th May 2013
Time: nearly 4pm
Location: Chocolat Restaurant

The restaurant is real near the hotel. Didnt want Adria to walk so far. Had some nice carrot soup, seafood spagetti and white chocolate cheesecake that taste like vanilla icecream. Hmmmm souppp... i love the soup. Lunch on Roro...ahhh love this guy already. Thanks bro.

Wish id taken a photo of the food but i guess i was still in a daze n forgot all about it.

After that we headed back to the hotel for a nap. Which i took but Adria said she couldnt sleep...maybe my snoring kept her awake again. Oh well..

Dinner was with Adrias running friends, i was told they had this club called *Forget the Gym*. So here i was amongst her friends. Really had nothing to say or add to their converaations, juat a simple hello how are ya conversations from me. Still didnt wake up i guess. Ate tomato soup *tasted like mamas ayam best sauce*, grilled seabass and apple crumble for dessert.
The dinner we ate was supposedly from a famous restaurant there hence i gues thats why the bill was so high...

All in all, very nice food in Limerick... i didnt die of starvation! Nice

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