Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adria off to work!

Date:7th May 2013
Location: Lucan to City Centre.

Adria had to go to work today.All my persuading for her to play hooky didnt work. The force is strong in this one. So i stayed home, reheated some left overpasta n listened to Roro telling me abt his favourite band, the specials. He went to see their gig yesterday but he didnt like it much. Poor him.... still cheerful tho.


After that he bought me some juice...hes such a nice guy. Love him. He gave me some syilings for the bus as well.

Nervous at first but got to town safely. Saw Adria and got another dress at vero moda! Yay!
Ate some chinese food..good thing we didnt lick the plate...what happened to bringing leftover back?

Back to Dublin

Date: 6th May 2013
Location: Limerick to Dublin.

Woke up at 1030am,showered and got ready to check out. Did i tell you how weird the showers are here? Its weirdddd...

While waiting for Roro to make it to the hotel, met Mary and John. Real nice couple, love em. Hoping to see them again before i go off.

Honestly the scenery is green...just land....each side of the road. Really nice castle ruins abit here n there...nothing to be all hyped abt really.. but good. Makes me sleepy again though...

We took a bus when we got back to the go to town. Bus was Fast. Real fast.
Ate some yo yo sushi when we reached town. Damn hungry. Good dragon roll n sashimi. chocolate mochi is to die for...realllly good.

Did some shopping in Marks and Spencer and Topshop..Then head back to the apartment.
Spent nearly 300 euros out there today...ugh...BUT i got a dress... *smilesss*

I really think its the cold weather coz i went to sleep so fast everytime..i zzzzzZzz

ps: did i tell u we ate pasta again before heading back? More foood!!

The food in Limerick

Date: 5th May 2013
Time: nearly 4pm
Location: Chocolat Restaurant

The restaurant is real near the hotel. Didnt want Adria to walk so far. Had some nice carrot soup, seafood spagetti and white chocolate cheesecake that taste like vanilla icecream. Hmmmm souppp... i love the soup. Lunch on Roro...ahhh love this guy already. Thanks bro.

Wish id taken a photo of the food but i guess i was still in a daze n forgot all about it.

After that we headed back to the hotel for a nap. Which i took but Adria said she couldnt sleep...maybe my snoring kept her awake again. Oh well..

Dinner was with Adrias running friends, i was told they had this club called *Forget the Gym*. So here i was amongst her friends. Really had nothing to say or add to their converaations, juat a simple hello how are ya conversations from me. Still didnt wake up i guess. Ate tomato soup *tasted like mamas ayam best sauce*, grilled seabass and apple crumble for dessert.
The dinner we ate was supposedly from a famous restaurant there hence i gues thats why the bill was so high...

All in all, very nice food in Limerick... i didnt die of starvation! Nice

Limerick Run!

Date: 5th May 2013
Time: 10am
Location: George Boutique Hotel, Ireland.

We missed the room service for breakfast coz we were suppose to put the menu for breakfast at the door last night and we didnt. So had to go down n have breakie instead.
Heres where it hit me how snobbish some ppl are to asians. The guy asked us repeatedly tht he needs to check our credit to see whether its ok for us to charge to the room... i mean wth, ive flown 16 hours to b here. Ud think id hv enough for a bloody breakfast,wouldnt you? We even had to ask for our tea... coz the waitresses there wouldnt gv two pence ehether you had anything to drink....

Oh well, whatever. Will tell on them to roro when i hv the chance.

The receptionist was fine n friendly tho...just the dining crew. Adria had other things on her mind tho... like not dying by the 7th km. I got worried this morning...she looked scared. After breakfast we had to get ready for her run. She was really nervous n shaking n etc. Had to put her bib on for her.

Before the race, we were figuring out where to go and etc. Roro wanted to see her at every point... might as well run beside her bro. We kinda waited for her at the final mile...  Roro on the right, me on the left. 

Honestly i didnt see Adria go by until Cathy started shouting go Adria go and Roro dashing like a startled bunny. I had to run to catch up with her and take this photo.

Damn fast for someone who sid she'll die at the 7th km... lol. Way to go sis! So prpud of her. She did the whole thing in 1 hour 15mins. Got a text telling her time. Soooo proud!


Date: 4th May 2013
Time: 6 something pm
Location: Limerick, Ireland.

We went straight to the University to get Adrias walk pack..her bib and stuffs. A lot of people there,  started to sink in how big the run is actually... got kinda nervous for Adria a bit. I was sure she'll do fine but still..
Got to taste some nice tomato soup and some caramelized nuts. Bought some to bring to the hotel..
After that we went into town n checked itn to the George Boutique Hotel. Real nice room n bathroom. Must find their website to rate them later
After that was a total blackout coz i fell asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.
Out like a burned out light bulb.

Adria's Place

Date:  4th May 2013
Time:  4 something pm
Location: Lucan, Ireland

Went to Adrias apartment. Real nice cosy apartment. Hitting every furniture there is since its sooo big *yea?*. Gave all the gifts i brought over from Malaysia to Roro n Adria. They seemed to like it. Repacked my bag to just bring Stitch,my cabin bag.
Then off to Limerick for Adrias 10km run!

See that black furry thing that has ears? Thats Lionus...

Arrival in Dublin, Ireland

Date: 4th May 2013
Time: Somewhere around 12 noon.
Place: Dublin Airport. 

Just got off from the 7 hours flight from Dubai via Emirates. Real good first experience in an airplane that long. Airplane food was okay,loved the potatoes...hmm real good.
Watched a few good movies - got to watch Hansel&Gretel again. 

 Anyways, got off the plane, passed through immigration easily enough and got my bag. Really easy airport system dublin has. Nice
My first stamp on my super clean passport! TAKE THAT U STOPID US VISA GUY THAT DENIED ME!*
Waited for Adria to come rescue me from the Nun that i was chatting with at the airport. Another hour or so and i might've converted. She's real nice tho. Weather is much colder than i expected *u call this summer?? Pfttt* Adria and Ronan saved me a few mins after..and... Clean air,good scenery,here i come!