Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back to Dublin

Date: 6th May 2013
Location: Limerick to Dublin.

Woke up at 1030am,showered and got ready to check out. Did i tell you how weird the showers are here? Its weirdddd...

While waiting for Roro to make it to the hotel, met Mary and John. Real nice couple, love em. Hoping to see them again before i go off.

Honestly the scenery is green...just land....each side of the road. Really nice castle ruins abit here n there...nothing to be all hyped abt really.. but good. Makes me sleepy again though...

We took a bus when we got back to the go to town. Bus was Fast. Real fast.
Ate some yo yo sushi when we reached town. Damn hungry. Good dragon roll n sashimi. chocolate mochi is to die for...realllly good.

Did some shopping in Marks and Spencer and Topshop..Then head back to the apartment.
Spent nearly 300 euros out there today...ugh...BUT i got a dress... *smilesss*

I really think its the cold weather coz i went to sleep so fast everytime..i zzzzzZzz

ps: did i tell u we ate pasta again before heading back? More foood!!

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