Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adria off to work!

Date:7th May 2013
Location: Lucan to City Centre.

Adria had to go to work today.All my persuading for her to play hooky didnt work. The force is strong in this one. So i stayed home, reheated some left overpasta n listened to Roro telling me abt his favourite band, the specials. He went to see their gig yesterday but he didnt like it much. Poor him.... still cheerful tho.


After that he bought me some juice...hes such a nice guy. Love him. He gave me some syilings for the bus as well.

Nervous at first but got to town safely. Saw Adria and got another dress at vero moda! Yay!
Ate some chinese food..good thing we didnt lick the plate...what happened to bringing leftover back?

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