Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Limerick Run!

Date: 5th May 2013
Time: 10am
Location: George Boutique Hotel, Ireland.

We missed the room service for breakfast coz we were suppose to put the menu for breakfast at the door last night and we didnt. So had to go down n have breakie instead.
Heres where it hit me how snobbish some ppl are to asians. The guy asked us repeatedly tht he needs to check our credit to see whether its ok for us to charge to the room... i mean wth, ive flown 16 hours to b here. Ud think id hv enough for a bloody breakfast,wouldnt you? We even had to ask for our tea... coz the waitresses there wouldnt gv two pence ehether you had anything to drink....

Oh well, whatever. Will tell on them to roro when i hv the chance.

The receptionist was fine n friendly tho...just the dining crew. Adria had other things on her mind tho... like not dying by the 7th km. I got worried this morning...she looked scared. After breakfast we had to get ready for her run. She was really nervous n shaking n etc. Had to put her bib on for her.

Before the race, we were figuring out where to go and etc. Roro wanted to see her at every point... might as well run beside her bro. We kinda waited for her at the final mile...  Roro on the right, me on the left. 

Honestly i didnt see Adria go by until Cathy started shouting go Adria go and Roro dashing like a startled bunny. I had to run to catch up with her and take this photo.

Damn fast for someone who sid she'll die at the 7th km... lol. Way to go sis! So prpud of her. She did the whole thing in 1 hour 15mins. Got a text telling her time. Soooo proud!

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