Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arrival in Dublin, Ireland

Date: 4th May 2013
Time: Somewhere around 12 noon.
Place: Dublin Airport. 

Just got off from the 7 hours flight from Dubai via Emirates. Real good first experience in an airplane that long. Airplane food was okay,loved the potatoes...hmm real good.
Watched a few good movies - got to watch Hansel&Gretel again. 

 Anyways, got off the plane, passed through immigration easily enough and got my bag. Really easy airport system dublin has. Nice
My first stamp on my super clean passport! TAKE THAT U STOPID US VISA GUY THAT DENIED ME!*
Waited for Adria to come rescue me from the Nun that i was chatting with at the airport. Another hour or so and i might've converted. She's real nice tho. Weather is much colder than i expected *u call this summer?? Pfttt* Adria and Ronan saved me a few mins after..and... Clean air,good scenery,here i come!

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